A Death Stalking Addiction


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released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved


INTO INFERNUS Tampa, Florida

Theatrical Black Metal / KVLT AS FVCK - II is:

Andrew Zink -Music & Orchestration/Voices

PJ Mc Tiernan - Lyrical Themes & Concepts/Vocals

Eric Owen - Vocals

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Track Name: A Death Stalking Addiction
War Is painted across the nights sky
the first shells pierce through its canvas
and explode coloring it pale and golden
I hear The cold sirens screaming loudly with words of doom
as the police emerge in a platoon

Here I stand in these desolate streets
I've chosen my fate and it is not today
Smashing a nearby window, I reach my hand inside and enter
People hiding for their lives

I cannot fight this urge no more
I need to make this reality disappear at once

Like the ashes that cover these streets,
my soul is black and death always follows me
In the corner of my eye, the register stares back at me

The world has turned to shit and I cant take it anymore
The heroin keeps me sane
Inject it into my veins!
I feel the world go black as all my pain to go away
Is this it?
Is this all life has to offer?

Shells rain upon dismantle this city’s structure
We can barley recognize it any longer.
The Imminent flashes capture my admiration
Who could blame them?
Kill us all!
Our parasitic existence is condemned.

It benefits my living
A struggle to survive
but with in this calamity I strive
I await the taste of its warmth in my blood
The temptation grows
It's all too clear as sobriety approaches.
I lust from the needle to pierce my veins!
Pierce through my veins, my love...

Depression is my old friend,
He stays by my side dragging me to the ground.
We travel to the vile snake, the serpent Alabastor
Emerging through the rubble, the Serpents den
He hisses words that sooth my bones,

Constricted holding me tightly with a beautiful touch
Soon the world will fade away and i with it
if only for a second, it would be a second less on this earth.

I cannot fight this urge no more
I need to make this reality disappear at once
The exchange of words and goods
My wealth in the mirror reflects as the poor.

Dependent on his soul of filth
His tail wrapped around me at his will
I never thought id end up so ill and frail

(“I will make you disappear forever, everyday a little bit of you will stay with me”

“ill digest your memories, your thoughts, your passions,
until nothing but an empty shell of a man
blows in the winds of regret“


"I will make you disappear forever"