Eden's Lustful Tale (Single)


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released July 28, 2013



all rights reserved


INTO INFERNUS Tampa, Florida

Theatrical Black Metal / KVLT AS FVCK - II is:

Andrew Zink -Music & Orchestration/Voices

PJ Mc Tiernan - Lyrical Themes & Concepts/Vocals

Eric Owen - Vocals

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Track Name: Eden's Lustful Tale
His pen froze as he gathered his thoughts
Rejections of his work led him to be distraught
He sought the only thing that would make his life complete
The beauty of a woman and her flesh beneath the sheets

He lay nestled, yet restless, in his new chambers in a small village near the sea
He pondered often if his guilt would ever surface but his heart grew colder
And colder as If the devil resided in his body
But the minute he stood up, a figure in the window caught his attention

The most beautiful woman he had ever seen
He approached her and stood her in her path
"My bloodshot eyes, are blinded by your beauty
Even if you where to slay me, id gracefully abide"

The clouds opened up and the sun began to beam down

She shouted "lets go somewhere quiet
A peaceful place where no one will find us"
They approached the land of the dead
The cemetery in the woods were ahead

She brought him into a tomb
He grew nervous but he kept to himself
He held her hand as she guided him through the gloom
Suddenly, light filled the room

Erotic sensation came over him
As she looked in his eyes
They undressed and he suddenly felt paralyzed.

A deadly kiss
The cold upon her lips
Shot a sharp chill through his body
Her eyes drained of colour as she arched her back
Nails began to grow and her hair turn black
I feel my chest cave as she pulls me closer with a crooked grin

Love was never the answer
Until the day he met her
Sex was all that mattered
'Til the day she ripped out his heart